How to get back together with Ex-girlfriend

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This site introduces how to get back together with Ex-girlfriend.

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Message from the president

In a highly complex modern society, it is necessary to build a sustainable and cyclical relationship in order to get back together with ex-girlfriend.

We will contribute to men who want to get back with ex-girlfriend through technical assistance.


Master Fu-Quwen


Master Fu-Quwen
Master Fu-Quwen (1907-2019)

Original founder of this Dojo. His style is “Tiger”.
Fictional character


・『The Book of Restoration』
・『Recommendation of Restoration』
・『There is a very fine line between Restoration and Insulation.』
・『[New version] Illustrated! The textbook of the most friendly restitution.』

Our Style

We have 12 styles called “Omote-eto” to get back with ex-girlfriend.

12 styles called “Omote-eto”

Style Characteristic
Mouse Dream and Magical style at Tokyo Disneyland!
Ox Gentle and strong style.
Tiger Crafty style.
Rabbit Style like a sweet devil.
Dragon Style to solve with money.
Snake Stealthy style.
Horse Dash style.
Sheep Comprehensive style.
Monkey Convenient style.
Rooster Bearish style.
Dog Brave style.
Wild boar Risky style.

Forbidden technique called “Ura-eto”

There is a prohibited technique called “Ura-eto”.

Ura-eto is the strongest method of restitution that forcibly expands ego by taking sake.

Because it is a high load and dangerous method, we prohibit use.